Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, Kristen Haskell is an artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. They moved to New York  in 2001, graduating with a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in 2005. Since then, Haskell has shown in a variety of venues throughout New York City, including The Gershwin Hotel, Midoma Gallery, The Governors Island Art Fair, and Trestle Gallery.  Their work reflects personal interests, including the environment, comedy, real life situations and illustrating the unknown.
Haskell is the founder of the clothing line Haskieville Apparel and is also the co-founder of the Brooklyn art collective, Gowanus Swim Society. Haskell is a member of the Trestle Art Space in Brooklyn and is currently an MFA candidate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Boston Low Residency MFA Program.

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As an artist I am constantly in the process of rediscovering myself and evolving, moving in a cycle of creating, narrating, abstracting, studying, organizing, and disorganizing. I often work within a theme, sometimes including a narrative such as my series on climate change, a memoir style graphic novel, or a body of abstract images based on current anxiety levels. A recent subject within my work consists of common fears, both rational and irrational created within different levels of narrative moving into abstraction. Often I will begin a piece with an idea, object, or story in mind, and consider it while I am in the early stages of creating. Sometimes the subject is revealed immediately to the viewer, while other narratives can be hidden within disorganized patterns of linear mark making and abstract shapes. My physical artistic process moves within two stages of creating, the wet energy stage and the meditative linear stage. During the first stage, I let my aggression out on my medium, which is often a smooth paper, allowing me to move quickly and abruptly, using Sumi Ink and Fluid Acrylic. The meditative linear stage is where the work will begin to take shape. I draw forms, patterns, and lines within the shapes created during the first stage, often creating new “characters” within the piece. These works are created as therapy and the physical process is of equal importance as the final product.